FINLEY, the name in the architectural hardware industry that ensures the quality product to end-user. We are committing ourselves to “Your Security is our Responsibility”. And in pursuit of innovation, we have been adhering to “consistent quality control, service and customers satisfaction”. With our emphasis and efforts on quality control, production, management, research and development on new models, innovation on safety and practical functions, we have been keeping in pace with the advanced nations, and delivering our customers with our world-class and innovative products. Finley’s high-quality products are supported with a minimum guarantee of 5 years as long as respective assembly and maintenance guidelines are fulfilled.

FINLEY products are tested and certified to relevant international B.S., EN standards. Merchandise has to pass through each stringent quality checks & inspection at every stage of designing, manufacturing and assembly. This means not just the function, but also the durability of the attachment between hardware and door is taken care at the time of quality control.

FINLEY offers full technical support to all customers by our expert engineers at every stage of the project by way of preparation of hardware specifications, door & hardware scheduling and on-site training for critical installations.

The widely used material in most of the FINLEY hardware is from high corrosion resistant Chrome Nickel Stainless Steel. Many types of Stainless Steel grades are available, which are known by the compositions of the specific elements of Chromium & Nickel. These grades help to identify if the product is suitable or not for the given applications and guidance to know the materials corrosion resistance, mechanical or thermal performance etc. 

Eurodesigns are the exclusive distributor for Finley architectural hardwares in the MEA region. 

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