Indiga is a leading fire rated door manufactures in UAE with state-of-the-art technology; Indiga holds a leading role in the industry with advanced R&D facilities and modern production lines. Indiga offers total design, manufacture, installation and supply of quality Indiga brand metal doors for Interior /Exterior Applications, Residential or Commercial, Labor Camps, Warehousing or Factories, Government / Utility Buildings.

As a professional door manufacturer, Indiga constantly strive to improve the quality of their product and service.  We achieve this by advancing their design and manufacturing processes. Indiga brand Doors manufacturing process commences with double skinned galvanized, stretch levelled commercial-grade steel G90, zero spangled G.I. sheets which are processed through our CNC punching and folding lines.  Doors and frames are fabricated and powder coated in our fully-automated polyester powder coating lines, and they depute their highly skilled technicians for the site Erection and installation of steel doors.  As a result, over a period, they have executed many prestigious jobs to the highest quality standards.  This truly makes Indiga one of the most sophisticated doors manufactures in the industry capable of management and delivery of projects on a timely basis.

Eurodesigns are partnered with Indiga for fire rated and non-fire rated steel doors for MEA region

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